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Why should I give my email to Windscribe?

As part of that whole privacy and anonymity thing we're doing, we're proud to give you the option to own a Windscribe account without an attached email address. Think about it, what is the last service or website you signed up for that didn't require your email?

Chances are, you're scratching your head trying to think of something, anything, maybe just one measly little 2006 forum that didn't want your email...but no, the internet is ruthless and everyone wants your precious inbox space. The 2006 forum owner probably sold your email to an ad company for some extra cash, and now you wonder where the spam comes from. This is how we deal with such offers for our users' data.

Don't get it wrong, we'd like a bit of that inbox space as well BUT, here you have the choice of not ever having your email come near our service. Not just a checkbox to opt out but we still keep it, no no, a complete absence of your email from Windscribe. That's the choice we're proud to give you here.

We only require a username and password, both of which we can automatically generate for you on our Sign Up page. With that, Windscribe probably takes some sort of record for one of the quickest registration processes there is. It literally takes less than 40 seconds to register for an account, install the desktop app and get connected to our secure VPN servers.

Of course we do give you the option of adding an email address to your Windscribe account when you create it (or at any point after) as that comes with a few benefits as well:

  • Account recovery. We trust you that you've set a secure password you won't forget, right? Well, you'll find that it's much harder to recover a lost account without an email on file and pretty much impossible if it was a Free account.
  • If you are on the Free 2GB Plan, you will automatically get upgraded to the Free 10GB/month Plan, giving you a higher bandwidth limit for all your VPN activities!
  • A guarantee that your email does not ever get sold or distributed to any other parties for any reasons. As stated in our Privacy Policy, it stays with us and only us. You can remove or change it at any time which wipes it from our database.
  • Be the first to know about promotions and new features that our great team works on. Think of it as a newsletter of sorts.
  • Get a chance to read our award-winning, world-renowned, absolutely knee-slappingly hilarious and informative emails. (We lied about the first two but they definitely are hilarious and informative; my mom can confirm).

We try our best to not spam our users and so we send about 1-2 promotional emails per month, sometimes none at all. You can always unsubscribe whenever you like by pressing the “Unsubscribe” button on the bottom of every email. Keep in mind that unsubscribing will downgrade you back to the 2GB/month plan. You'll only be able to recover the account, you won't be eligible for the 10GB plan or any promotional offers.

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