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Why do I need to subscribe to promo emails to get 10GB?

While Windscribe offers very generous Free plan, our service still costs money to operate. Part of the deal to get the 10GB of free monthly VPN bandwidth is that you at least let us advertise to you in the form of one or two promo emails per month.

We are one of the very few services on the internet that doesn't require you to provide an email address during sign up. But without an email we can send a couple of promo messages to, you will only get 2GB of monthly bandwidth (which, by the way, is still more than other free VPNs out there that do require an email address to use). 

And one more note, we are a company built around privacy and security. If you add your email to your Windscribe account, it will never be shared with any third parties, it stays exclusively with Windscribe. If you choose to remove your email address from the account, it is permanently gone from our database immediately.

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