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Getting Started with Windscribe on Microsoft Edge

Getting started with Windscribe in your Edge browser takes just a few clicks. 

First off, if you don't yet have a Windscribe account, create one on our website here, it takes less than a minute: https://windscribe.com/signup

Then once you have a Windscribe account, head to the Edge add-on store and install the Windscribe extension: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/windscribe-free-proxy-a/dkkdbpgldnmkhcliffjpajcfdjkcaddf

Once installed, open the extension by clicking the Windscribe icon in the top-right corner of your browser: 


Once it's open, log in with your Windscribe credentials and you're pretty much ready to go. 



And finally once logged in, you can connect to the Windscribe servers. Either press the big ON button on the right to connect (we'll choose the location for you if you are in Autopilot mode) or select the globe which will give you a list of locations you can choose to connect to. 


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