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Getting Started with Windscribe on iOS

A VPN is a tool that allows you to access the internet as if you were in another part of the world. Using a VPN lets you access blocked websites, bypass geo-restrictions and appear anonymous. For example, if Facebook is blocked in your country, you can connect to a US VPN location and your device will be able to access Facebook because it will appear like you were in the USA.

This is done by first sending all your traffic to our VPN server in the USA and then the traffic will go to Facebook. Without the VPN, your attempt to access blocked sites will be stopped by your network administrator or internet service provider.

Getting started with a VPN is quick and simple. We offer up to 10GB of free VPN bandwidth every month. Follow the steps below to start using Windscribe.

  1. On your iOS device, open the App Store, search for Windscribe and press Install. You can go directly to the app page by clicking this link: https://apps.apple.com/app/id112943522.
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  2. Open the Windscribe app and log in with your account. You can start using Windscribe without an account. To do this, just press Get Started. You can now connect to the VPN but you will only get 1GB of free VPN traffic per month. To get more bandwidth, follow the steps below.0540e97037f536350882cc7fc220b449
  3. Read the prompt, it lets you know that Windscribe is a no-logging VPN. We do not collect any identifying information. Then press I'm OK with this.
  4. To get 2GB of free monthly bandwidth (without an email) or 10GB of bandwidth (with a confirmed email), you need to register an account. Open Preferences > Setup Account

  5. Enter a username, password and an email address (for the 10GB plan), then press Continue to create your account. If you added and confirmed your email address by pressing the link we send you, you will get immediately upgraded to the free 10GB monthly plan.
  6. You can connect to the VPN by selecting a location from the list.
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  7. Press Allow when you are asked if you want to allow Windscribe to establish a VPN tunnel.
  8. When the VPN is connected, you will see ON in the top-left corner and the app will turn blue. The IP address will also change to the new VPN IP.
    Screenshot 20220228 164725
  9. You can disable the VPN by pressing the ON/OFF big button.
  10. Once you are connected, all your internet traffic on this device will go through the Windscribe servers. The websites and apps you use will see the VPN IP shown in the app instead of your own personal IP address.
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