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Does Windscribe offer dedicated IPs?

Windscribe offers static IPs but not dedicated IPs. The reason for not offering dedicated IPs is that this is a big risk to the users' anonymity. If we offer a dedicated IP where only one person uses it, then any requests from law enforcement or legal teams asking to provide the identity of the person using this IP can be traced back to that single user and we legally have to provide the details we have on file.

That is why we offer static IPs instead where multiple users are assigned the same IP. That way those requests are useless because multiple people use that IP and we don't know which of those people was using the IP and when.

Windscribe offers both Residential and Datacenter Static IPs.

Residential IPs ($96 per year) are available in Chicago, Dallas, and Toronto locations. Datacenter IPs ($24 per year) are available in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Manchester, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, and Zurich.

They are a 1 year purchase in addition to your Pro subscription, and are not available on a monthly basis. You can find more information on them here: https://windscribe.com/staticips

Please note that you'll need either a Pro plan or a Custom Plan (Build-A-Plan) with unlimited bandwidth in order to purchase and use a Static IP successfully.

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